EDITORS NOTE: (Check back all day for brief real time updates from the Rock Creek Lodge and the 29th Annual Testy Festy.)

2:30 AM- Finally got a decent internet signal. The router in the lounge must have kicked off around 10:00pm. There goes any good chance of feeding a webcam signal to everyone. Oh well, it was a good idea at the time. Can't control everything, I guess. Although it sure does show the potential of what we can do at future venues with hopefully more reliable wifi.

2:45 AM-The first night went great! Super turnout under the band shell on a Wednesday night. DJ Bionic played a great mix of classic rock remixes and mashups. I finished out the night with some dance and hip hop. They wanted to keep dancing but we figured we should let everyone get some rest before we really crank it up during the weekend.

10:30 AM- I let Bionic sleep in my one person tent. I wasn't in the mood to spoon with him. I slept in the Scion. My back is paying the price for it this morning.

11:00AM- Went to take a much needed shower at a campground with running water down the road. Had a great breakfast. Feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

11:15AM- Called into Danny D's radio show. Good to hear the Zoo Crew is doing well. I missed my office buddies. I hope they can come visit me, and bring me some Arby's.

11:30AM- Set up two stages, rock band shell and "Club Testy". Both sound systems are cranking out music to wake the campers. I'm actually blogging right next to one of the largest speakers in the band shell. It's the only place I can get a decent wifi signal. Wish I brought earplugs.

12:00- Don't forget about Cold Hard Cash! If you love Johnny Cash, you gotta get here by 10:00pm to hear this world famous band.