Preparing for the largest and longest outdoor camping party in Montana state is quite a process. If you are going to be literally out in the middle of nowhere for 5 whole days then it's crucial to make sure you don't forget anything you'll need at home. I've spent all day going through my camping checklist: Tent, check. Food, check. TP, check. However, my list to prepare for this years 29th Annual Testical Festival has become quite a bit longer...Turntables, check. Headphones, check. Music hard drive, check.

2011 marks the second time the owners of the Testy Fest have invited me back to spin at their rowdy all-night event. Correction, the first time last year I kinda sorta crashed their party with a spur of the moment makeshift DJ dance party in a field on the other side of the rock band shell. I just so happened to have some speakers and a laptop in my car at last years event and was near an electrical outlet, so I started to ponder..what if?? So I did. The next thing you know I had nearly 2,000 people dancing with me until 5 in the morning.  That's the great thing about this kind of party, really you can do whatever you want. There's no rules! I've seen peoples campgrounds at Testy with full on hot tubs, others with stripper poles on top of their camper. I guess I just sorta injected a little of what I could contribute to the party and next thing you know it was a hit. It was an awesome, awesome party.

This year our Zoo FM Scion is packed full of all the gear we need to keep the party going, bigger and better than before. I hope you can come and check out what we are offering up on stage and during the crazy after parties in the Rock Creek campground this time around. I'm bringing all my rowdy friends! Please welcome some of Missoula's finest DJ's to Testy Fest: DJ Bionic, DJ L-Rock, and the legendary DJ Chunkiye. On Wednesday join us as we light up both the band shell and the bar for two simultaneous parties, and then on Saturday we will take our sound and light show out to the Stairway To Heaven (home of the infamous Undie 500) so you can enjoy a remix video dance party until the break of dawn.

I'm off to go finish this long checklist then it's off to bed. Tomorrow morning it's all about finding the perfect camping spot. I'll check back soon! See you this weekend?