Until you've visited the strangest places in Montana, you really have not experienced all of it's quirks. Sure, you might think your neighbors and co-workers are strange (unless you are thinking about me, that's where you are WRONG!), still, there are actual physical places and things in Montana that are downright jaw-droppingly odd. 

Here are the top five weirdest places in Montana state that you just have to see and share.

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    Ptarmigan Tunnel

    The Ptarmigan Tunnel is 200 feet long and was created by only two steel jackhammers and a little bit of dynamite in 1930.

    The tunnel was created so that tourists and their horses travel through the tunnel and see the the what nature is like underground. In 1975, steel doors were added to the tunnel on both sides so the tourists can have a feel of what a fortress is like.

    It is located in the Glacier National park in West Glacier, Montana.

    This is a strange place to visit because when most people want to visit a popular place the first thing that comes to someone’s mind is usually not a tunnel. Also, the trail leading to Ptarmigan Tunnel is a spot where most bears in that area like to hang out.

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    The Garden of a Thousand Buddhas

    This garden was built as a Native American reservation and the only thing that's in the garden is a thousand statues of Buddha. It was created as an international peace center.

    Also, the Buddha statues were built in a formation of the wheel of Dharma to represent the Buddhist belief system that they follow which is the eight-fold path.

    The Garden of a Thousand Buddhas address is 34574 White Coyote Road, Arlee, Montana.

    This is a strange place because it is Native American reservation, but is had Buddhas and most Native Americans do not follow Buddhism.

    Another reason why it is strange, is because it was used as a center for peace and it is now used for tourists to go and see all of the Buddhas and walk around the garden.

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    The Hanging Tree

    The Hanging Tree is a tree on the side of a road that was used in the late 1800's to hang two men that were accused of cattle rustling.

    Next, on the tree there is a sign that says what the tree was used for and also the sign says the two people that were hung were innocent.

    The location of the tree is Roundup, Montana

    We find this tourist site very strange because we do not understand why would people want to visit it, since it is just an old tree with a rope on it and a plaque that explains what is.

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    The World's Largest Spoon

    The world's largest spoon is a purple spoon that is 25 feet long and a prop that allows the spoon to stand straight up.

    The location of the spoon is East Glacier Park, Montana, Montana

    This is one of the strangest tourists sites because it is just an extremely big spoon that stands up in front of a store, that is run by an old lady that makes wooden spoons and sells them.

    Even though she created it for people to stop at look at and also to go into her store, some people like to stop there so they can just look at the large spoon and take a picture.

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    The Talking Penguin Statue

    The talking penguin is a statue of a penguin in front of a the Glacier Gateway Inn. It is 60 feet high and it is made out of cement.

    The talking Penguin Statue is in Cut Bank, Montana

    On the penguin there is a button that you can press and when someone presses the button then the penguin starts to talk. The Talking Penguin sits on a big base and on the base it says “Welcome to Cut Bank, Montana Coldest spot in the nation”.

    This is a strange place to visit because it is an inanimate penguin that can talk. Also, it marks the coldest spot in the United States.

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