Our furry K-9's are always loyal and there for the family, through both thick and thin. There is simply nothing more rewarding than to see them greet you at the door after a long days work followed by licks to the face. What you really should consider is returning the favor by taking them to some of the best places in the Missoula area to let them roam free or burn off some of that pent up doggy energy. No doubt about it, Montana is the absolute best place to explore with your best friend. Here's some of our suggestions.

Jacob's Island bark Park

off VanBuren Street

Missoula, Montana


This park features an exclusive area that's nearly 6 acres of area for you to let your dog run free without the need for a leash! For younger dogs or canines that aren't quite broken in socially it's still in their best interest to keep the leash on.

Go Fetch Canine Agility

3800 South Russell

Missoula, Montana

(406) 728-2275

The old Hollywood Video next to Albertsons has been transformed into a fantastic training course for the dogs that need more than just a lap around the park to receive their daily stimulation. Train your dog with some great agility and obedience courses and once they are finished you can hose them down with an in-house bath/washing station.

Painted Rocks State Park

Secondary H 473

Missoula, Montana


We are talking a massive 293 acre park with tons of room for Fido to get their much needed walk in. Although the park does encourage dogs to come visit and play, the state recommends that they remain on their leash throughout. Still, plenty of recreational activities in the area will keep them entertained for hours on end.

Big dipper ice cream

631 S Higgins Avenue/Highway12

Missoula, Montana


I know, it may seem a bit odd for a dog to be invited to tag along to an ice cream shop, but hey, an owners gotta get their dessert! And plus, never a time goes by where I don't drive by the doggy friendly Dip to see that many Missoulians bring their pups to mingle with the neighbor dogs while sharing their vanilla cone.

Lolo hot springs

38500 W Highway12

Lolo, Montana


Hundreds of miles of trails and nature paths await mans best friend. And once the exploring is finished for the day, your dog can kick back in one of their many animal accommodating cabins for a cheap $15 one-time fee. Even the camping area allows pets!

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