Sledding in Missoula, Montana is a blast! Withsnow hitting our area hills earlier than most, you are sure to get a few runs in early. So, let's go! Put on your bibs and boots.. Here are, in our opinion, the best places to sled in Missoula!

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    University of Montana Golf Course

    Been sledding all over Missoula since I learned to walk and can't believe I didn't know about this spot until just a couple of years ago. Probably because it's actually SAFE haha. The course is truly a winter wonderland, the scenery is outstanding with all of the snow covered trees and snow so deep it reaches your thigh. Cool thing is there's this great little hill that's super safe for little kids, I've even seen parents send babies down it. There's also safe runs for those looking for something a bit more dangerousbut not willing to crack their face. And for those willing to risk concussion/broken bones, there's summa that too. Really something for everybody, highly recommend it for families with small children.

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    Blue Mountain

    Hell yeah, THIS is where to get some hard core Montana sleddin' done. With a tailgating atmosphere and Missoula's most insane out there goin' down hills they absolutely shouldn't, at some point you're bound to be saying “holy s#%t dude, that guy's dead”.

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    Hooky Bobbin'

    Totally forgot about this super illegal, dangerous as putting your head inside an alligators mouth sport! To be honest, I haven't done it since high school and hadn't thought of it 'til you crazy a-holes brought it up on our Facebook. As soon as we get some solid hooky bobbin' snow, let's exchange videos!

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    Linda Vista

    Never done this one ourselves but when the conversation came up, a bunch of people said “that hill up Linda Vista in the park”. We'll certainly check it out.

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    South Hills

    Never been sledding up “The Hill” either but have had a lot of recommendations to check out Garrett Street. Dodging traffic, now that's REAL sleddin' there!