During the holiday season it is so fun to let loose and enjoy the season however, your company Christmas party is not the place. Everyone has embarrassed themselves at one point or another but if you do this at your company party you will deal with the consequences for years to come. So I have created a list of tips to make sure you aren't the butt of jokes for many years to come.

1. DON'T get drunk! It seems obvious but there is always that person who pushes the envelope and ends up making a fool of themselves. Don't be that person, a great way to avoid this is don't drink prior to arrival.

2. DON'T declare your love for anyone. Whether it be your boss, colleague, or ex it doesn't matter. You can guarantee the office will be laughing at you for months, if you choose the company Christmas party to declare your love for anything/anyone.

3. DON'T bring inappropriate gifts. Toilet paper, a diet book, or edible underwear are not acceptable Secret Santa gifts when attending your Christmas party. Plus you are going to feel horrible when everyone else has a nice gift and you gave a gag gift like a roll of toilet paper.

4. DON'T bust out your seductive dance moves. With today's technology if you bring your dirty dance moves to the party, you will end up on YouTube before the night is over. Plus, freak dancing on the boss is just plain awkward.

5. If you're the boss, DON'T forget it. Often times during these parties the bosses are the worst culprits of breaking the rules. Just remember it will be hard to enforce the rules after the party if everyone sees you acting like a fool.

I hope you have the best holiday Christmas party ever... just don't be THAT person.