After two straight weeks of my favorite professional football team losing within the last minute of play, I have found ways to not let it ruin my week. First off I am not giving up on my team. As a real Seattle Seahawks fan, I have had to deal with losing for years. We have been fortunate the last couple seasons to make it to the Super Bowl but before Russell Wilson came to town we struggled for a long time and I was a fan through all of those years too.

Ten years ago I was such a fan that if my Seahawks lost on Sunday, I would be in a horrible mood until Tuesday or Wednesday. Now I have to remind myself it's just a game, and being in a miserable mood, only ruins my day. So here are my top three tricks to get back a loss by your favorite sports team.

1. Get outside and get activity. Staying in front of the television after your team loses is the worst possible thing to do. You will just be watching highlights of your team losing. Get up and move around, it will really help you focus on other things.

2. Play video games. I know it sounds really stupid but after the Carolina Panthers beat the Seahawks yesterday, it's fun to beat the Panthers 86-0, even if it is a video game.

3. Turn on your favorite music. You will quickly forget about your team losing if you crank your favorite music and sing loud enough for your neighbors to hear. Let loose and sing the aggravation away.

I hate that video so much.

My wife (Savannah) says shopping helps get over a loss too, I don't recommend this method. :)

What is your method to get over your favorite team losing?