I am on a compass of health and wellness and I know fall can put a damper on your outdoor activities so here are a couple ideas to keep the work out going this fall. 

1. Fall hikes, even though the weather is changing and it's colder. Bundle up, invest in some under armor and take a walk or a hike. Easy, simple and actually will go a long way when it comes to your overall energy level.

2. Use an indoor pool to do laps. You would be so amazed how great of a work out swimming is and you can continue it all year long inside. Plus it's fun!

3. Use the resources around you. Whether it be bringing that yoga mat of yours home and inside to do some extra Pilates/stretches, maybe raking leaves? HA HA kidding but a big one is joining a group or place that will assist you. Going to free boot camps that are available in the community is an excellent resource. One of which is Aleph p.c's free introductory session Boot Camp to find out your individual needs.  It's Sept 8th at 5PM, call 532-2027 to find out more or click below. Utilizing the resources you have is a big help in the dreary fall/winter months.