Yellowstone National Park Rangers have temporarily closed Upper Terrace Drive for vehicles due to an increased activity in a thermal feature under and around the pavement.

"The feature became visible active this May near the Upper Terrace parking lot basically bubbling up making little new terraces adjacent to the drive," Public Affairs Officer Traci Weaver said. "So, the geologists and rangers have monitored the thermal feature and found temperatures up to 152 degrees Fahrenheit. Then two days ago, they noticed the thermal activity was moving closer and adjacent to and under the pavement which is what prompted the temporary closure."

Maintenance workers are currently working to fix the road.

"They are working on plans on the best way to at least temporarily fix it with some bumper logs and ways to keep vehicles from driving over the thermal area or to keep the outflow from flowing over the asphalt which would cause damage."

Weaver says, Upper Terrace Drive will be closed for about a week but visitors can still walk on the drive, and access the main roads and parking lots.