Ugh, my lovable and adorable dog Gypsy got bored yesterday. And unfortunately she was so bored, she caused a little destruction. It was just a ball cap, not a big deal. Although yes it was aggravating when I first found it.

To be honest this is probably the first or second thing Gypsy has ever chewed on that was mine, normally she goes right after my wife's stuff. We think it has to do with Gypsy just loving the smell of Savannah's clothes, but it could just be boredom.

One thing is for sure, we can never stay mad, so instead we will probably just be making a trip to the pet store so we can get more toys to give our dogs more things to do. It's sad but even the dogs know it, they can do no wrong in our eyes.



    Koda & Gypsy having fun in the water!