Attention Missoula mix masters!

The Top Hat in downtown Missoula is expanding their entertainment lineup to include DJ's. Best known for a venue featuring an array of performers and musicians, the owner is hoping to compliment the live acts with a turntable or CD jock following their sets, or perhaps even specialty events where the DJ takes center stage.

According to The Top Hat Facebook Fan Page:

The Top Hat is seeking a Resident DJ to spin nights at the Top Hat. (Both sporadic nights after live concerts and a soon-to-come weekly scheduled night).

The DJ must be good with crowds, set a vibe and be available late nights and weekends.

Auditions will be held after the Mike Stud show this Saturday. Interested? Send qualifications to The auditions will be free to the public immediately following the Mike Stud concert which should end at around 11:30. More details to follow…


(Update:Given the short notice, and the conflict many of the DJs have, we are going to find a different date (further out) for this event. If your interest, please still send your qualifications. We will identify a date after determining availability with the finalist DJs. Thank you)

Here's a chance to spin alongside some amazing touring and local musicians, and even better, an opportunity to crank your music on one of the most legendary stages in downtown Missoula. Make sure to give their fan page a "like" for details on the audition process.