There is a lot of information around winter and cold weather. Some myths have been displaced and some have been proven to be fact not myth. did a recent list of some myths and information revolving those myths.




  • 1

    Most of Our Heat is Lost Through Head

    Most of our heat is lost through our head! This is truth. It can be argued that 40-90 percent can be lost just by not wearing a hat. Although if you are without an item of clothing then that area will lose heat no matter.

  • 2

    Let Your Car Warm Up

    False. Unless your car is 25 years old or older then starting it is a bit pointless, although I like the warmth but it is just wasting gas and polluting.

  • 3

    It's Too Cold to Snow

    According to those in weather science know, it's more being too dry then too cold. So this is false. The colder though it gets the less moisture in the air which is needed for snow.

  • 4

    You'll Catch a Cold Going Out With Wet Hair

    This one is pretty logically true. As we had one myth proven true with your heat escaping through your head mostly. So if you have wet hair and no hat... there is a major chance of the sniffles.

  • 5

    You Don't Need Sunscreen in the Winter

    This is actually false and more of a play it safe type items. Sun reflects of the snow and ice. Best to just put it on as skin cancer is a growing issue.


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