I've personally published about 600 articles over the past year on this website, a few losers are guaranteed to make it out of the gates. I'll admit. Not all of my articles were pure gold, mind you. I know, hard to believe, right? As a result, I've compiled a few of my more unforgettable failures to rehash once again. Go ahead, feel free to re-criticize and by all means, recommend some articles that you may have concluded were just as terrible in the comment section below. I'm certain you won't let me down.

I thought it was a good post. And I wasn't the first to break this news to the public. But on a website where the article was sandwiched between what Miley Cyrus had for lunch and where the party was at this weekend, it simply stuck out luck a sore thumb. Bad move on my part. Oh, and the fear mongering backlash. Good heavens, the anti-sensationalist backlash. What was I thinking?

When I first saw this video, I immediately jumped to the defense of this young basketball fan that was violently pushed off the court by a team player. Just like any protective person with a compassionate heart would. Right? Soon after, the phone lines to the station lit up with classmates, school teachers, and even eye-witnesses that attempted to share the players side of the story. The lesson I swiftly learned? When you report on a fact based incident, you must always get share both sides of the story. Amateur journalism on my behalf. My bad.

This particular post freaked the holy bejezzus out of the entire city. One of our most popular articles to date on our site and still frequented by conspiracy theorists worldwide, it's an article that I wish I had never posted. After all was said and done, and a little before most people in my neighborhood decided to sell their house as a result, we soon come to find out that the "strange sounds" ended up being some cold metal furnace pipes warming up outside a school playground. Whoopsie.

It was late. I had writers block. Yet I was under deadline and I had to get something up to keep our site fresh. I stumbled across this YouTube video and only watched two minutes or so before I began to form a few paragraphs around it. Unfortunately for me, I didn't watch the final few minutes of this video where the author started to go off with his own agenda about how Jews are to blame for the Kalispell economy. That, needless to say, did not sit well with a vast majority of our readers.

Me, riding a mechanical bull without any pants on. Really, it doesn't get much lamer than this.