We've matched up two of the biggest cities in Montana to go head-to-head in a battle for bragging rights among the state wide skateboarding community. Which town, in your opinion, has the most talented skateboarders in the region? Missoula or Billings?

To give you a small taste of what each city has to offer, we've grabbed the top two most viewed videos on YouTube from both areas of the state to serve up as an example. Mind you, some of the tricks performed in the videos you are about to see are filmed by amateurs and reflect only just a miniscule handful of what each town has to offer in the realm of skateboarding talent.

Let the battle begin!

In this corner, representing the east side of Montana state....


And in this corner, holding it down for the west side of the state......


Now that you've had just a brief example of what each Montana city has to offer, bear in mind, there is so many other amazing skateboarders within each community. So before you vote, get educated! Ask your buddies, visit the local skate parks, stop into the area skate shops and ask for names of people in the are to look out for!

Vote, and vote as often as you want, share this article with friends and get them involved in the voting process. There is no end date to this poll, it shall remain open.

Who will earn the honor of the Skateboard Capital of Montana? You decide below.