We live in a nation that loves to swear. Everyone in America BUT the FCC, so we have to tread lightly with this topic...

New research from analysis of over a billion Twitter updates now shows us what the most popular swear words are across the nation and in Montana. 

Here's what we learned...

A-hole is widely used in the Northeast, and practically non-existent in Montana.

The C-Word is huge in New England and northern Michigan. People in Montana also use this word the least.

Darn is big in the Midwest, most especially Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and northern Minnesota.  No one uses it in Montana.

The F-Word appears to be bigger in Montana, but more so in the Missoula and Billings area.

The S-word is used rarely in most of the state, with just a few people using the term on social media up near the northeastern tip of the state. Watch your mouth, Scobey, Montana!

The B-word is practically the same pattern, except that it is used more frequently up near Whitefish.

Gosh isn't very popular anywhere, but it gets the most play on the eastern and western side of Montana. Bozeman is apparently just too cool for that term.

Last but not least, mother-effer is huge in the Missoula and Flathead area, not so much everywhere else around the state.

Check out the full map of the most popular swear words here.

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