When it comes to burgers in Montana, we've already attempted to tackle the ones that are considered most mouth-watering (and boy, did we get our butts handed to us...MANY disagreed), but today we are here to share the most popular burger chains in the state. 

Speaking for Montana state as a whole? Well, let's just say, sides have been chosen. And we aren't talking about fries and a shake.

According to the Most Popular American Burger Chains on Thrillist:

We crawled over 20,000,000 Foursquare check-ins to see how many people eat what type of burger and where. Then we calculated which brands over-indexed the highest in every county. Then we got really hungry and ate burgers until we passed out. Then we woke up and made this map, which you can look at in even greater detail via this enlarged version.

Let's give you a few examples across America before we sink our teeth into Montana...

  • Pretty much the entire state of Nevada loves In-N-Out Burger.
  • Texas is a fan of Whataburger
  • A majority of Florida appears to be a fan of Wendy's

However, when we look at the map of Montana, we see quite the division of fast food burger favorites. On the Eastern side of Big Sky Country, Dairy Queen is a staple. Interesting, considering that DQ rolls up the welcome mat during the winter season, so even with a few months of the shop shut down it still has enough check-ins to qualify as number one.

On the Western side of Montana, Hardees beats the rest by a landslide. We are willing to bet Hardees would give Dairy Queen a run for their money if they decided to reopen it's locations on the east side of the state. Hardees has been closed in Missoula since the early 2000's.

See which burgers top the favorites list on the full map here.

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