In the beautiful state of Montana you are surrounded by nearly 150,000 square miles of amazing landscape, and close to 70,000 miles of roads and highways. There is so much to explore on foot, bike or vehicle, but it's when you take flight that Montana brings on whole new meaning of beauty.From the prairies, to the jaw-dropping mountains. The legendary ghost towns, the snow-capped peaks...we could go on and on.  Instead, we decided to share this video that captures some of the most amazing scenery from above.

A company by the name of Skyworks filmed 45 hours of footage above the Big Sky Country utilizing a high-definition camera fastened to a specially equipped helicopter to capture some of the most incredible scenery our state has to offer.

Further proof that Montana truly is "The Last Best Place." Don't you agree? Have you ever experienced a aerial flight over Big Sky Country? What part of Montana did you fly over? Any places you recommend? Let us know your thoughts/experiences in the comments below.