By this time next year, you may no longer be able to buy CDs! You know, compact discs, those things we spent thousands of dollars collecting over the years, yeah those CDs. A new report by Side-Line Music Magazine says most record labels will stop making CDs by the end of 2012. What's more, many experts are saying we're headed to a “download only” world. It's not rocket science as to the reason behind ditching CDs, fewer people are buying them every day. When was the last time you actually bought a CD? Plus, there are fewer places selling CDs today; most record store chains went out of business years ago. Experts say by 2013, most new cars will no longer have built-in CD players. Even DJs like Aaron and the ones you see at weddings and dance parties play music on their laptops, not CDs. Finally, there's the fact that it’s much cheaper to sell digital music because record labels don’t have to spend money on manufacturing, shipping, or promotion.

Do you still listen to music on CD? How do you feel about the demise of compact discs?