If you haven't added these local Facebook profiles to your friends list then you are truly missing out on the best status updates in all of Missoula. Not a day goes by where I am not compelled to visit these particular people and pages on this social network. These individuals (in no particular order) are funny, informative and simply the best of what this town has to offer. If you are homegrown native, or someone who just moved into town, these are the friends you need to add today..

1. Lori Grannis

If you are just looking for updates that come entirely out of left field, then Lori is your girl. Hands down, the funniest status updates you will ever read from a local mini-blogger. Here's just a few for example (editors note: NSFW, sometimes)

-If I can order a pizza or call AAA with a touch of a button, why is there not an app to empty my bladder in traffic?

-Beauty tip: If you're looking to smell like a teen prostitute go with the Twilight Woods collection at Bath & Body works.

-From CBSNews.com: "Cavity search produces over 50 bags of heroin, say police".... Here's my question: Which friggin' cavity?

Lori's Facebook Page

2. Rockstar Radio Show

My sworn enemy from down the hallway at 96.3 The Blaze does deserve some (keyword: SOME) credit for his ingenious and well timed deliveries on Facebook. He's freaking hilarious one moment, other times he posts some of the best insider knowledge of the current Missoula rock scene. No one else in town comes closer to the stars in the metal community. Heck, just last week he was rubbing beards with Scott Ian from Anthrax and the weeks before he was eating PB and Jelly with the members of Korn. The kid truly does deserve the title of "Rockstar", as much as I hate him (translation: jealous).

Rockstar Radio Fan Page

3. Ian Laplace

Ian is the promoter for the Top Hat and his posts are mostly directed towards events and independent music. Ian's proven himself to be a mainstay in the nightlife scene with posts pertaining to ticket info and upcoming shows, all the while sprinkling in music videos of rising stars or artists that will soon be in our area. If you party in Missoula, you need to add him as a friend today.

Ian's Facebook Page

4. Raven Digitalis

I've been following Raven's posts for about a year now, and it's clear that I am not the only one. He has a fan base nearing the 5000 mark and his interaction with fans is something that keeps me coming back strictly out of curiosity. He is one of the most intriguing Facebook profiles, and possibly one of the more enlightening and spiritual. Here are just a few posts worth sharing:

-When it feels like everything in life is just one big complication or roadblock, it's the Universe trying to encourage you in a new direction. Stress = teacher.

-It seems to me that everyone is a little bit crazy. Or a little bit this or that. Or a lot. Reality is a spectrum, not black and white! Diversity is amazing.

-Political correctness, nonverbal cues, social mores, traditional boundaries & nonverbal / passive communication does not come easy to me as an Empath and space-cadet. Oh well..

Raven's Facebook Page

5. Monte Bear

Last, but most certainly not least, we have everyone's favorite mascot from the University of Montana. If any Facebooker is going to get you pumped up for the big games it's our furry little friend. One minute he'll post trivia, the next he'll upload photos from the football field or basketball court. If you live in Missoula, this should be the first profile to add, no question about it.

Monte's Facebook Page

Currently, Missoula has over 45,000 active Facebook users, so I'm certain I'm missing out on a few others that deserve to make this unofficial list. Who would you add? Let us know in the comments below.

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