It's been a very stressful year for cops. Everything from riots and protests, it seems that the last thing they are worried about is their own health. 

It appears that now, according to this new report, the term donut-eating cop is possibly more truer than it ever has been. They top the list of most obese individuals in a profession. Here's the five most obese...

1. 41% most obese, police officers, firefighters, and security guards.

2. 36% social workers, clergy, and counselors,

3. 35% home health aides and massages therapists.

4. 34% architects and engineers.

5. 33% Bus drivers, truckers, and garbage collectors.

The national average for ALL American employees and workers? 28%.

The Top 5 least obese...Scientists and researchers, artists, actors, athletes, and reporters . . . doctors, EMTs, and nurses . . . cooks, bartenders, and waiters . . . and janitors or maids. I'll toss radio DJ in there for good (and sadly accurate measure).

(Wall Street Journal)