And so it begins...

A full weekend of half-naked (and sometimes full-on) debauchery along with the wildest, perhaps slightly illegal, contests and drunken festivities. This is NOT your mom's book reading club. This is without a doubt the event that requires an acquired taste, and eyes that sometimes need to be averted. It's the 30th annual Testicle Festival, where the freaks come out in full force. Along with the hotties. Oh man, the HOTTIES.

These are just a few of the fantastic ladies that have come to party over the past few days, and the best part is... it's only Friday! We haven't even begun to scrape the surface of sexiness, expect many more NSFW photos in the days ahead. In the meantime, learn everything you need to know about the 30th Annual Testy Fest at the Rock Creek Lodge, then peruse through these pages of photos featuring the sexiest girls of Testicle Festival 2012 (so far..)

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Photo courtesy of RBG Productions