Yesterday we gave our readers a taste of the sexiest women at the 30th annual Testicle Festival (so far...), so it's only fair we give the ladies a little eye candy. Are we right?

Men from all over the planet descend upon Testy Fest each and every year, some from as far as Canada, Europe, and some from our own back yard right here in Missoula, MT. Some come to drink, others to show of their bikes, others to simply show off their great looks. Below we are pleased to offer up the top 10 favorites as chosen by the lingerie models of Midnight Dreams, located in the Paxson Plaza near our Southgate Mall. Many of these men are true head turners, and some are just drop dead gorgeous.

As we've said before, there is something for everyone at the biggest bash where you are guaranteed to have a ball. Girls, freaks, and guys. Seriously hot guys. Ladies, enjoy our gallery of the sexiest men of the 2012 Testicle Festival.

Click below to see even more of the sexiest guys of Testy Fest.

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Photo courtesy of RBG Productions