There is probably nowhere better to enjoy the most diverse Montana lifestyle than Missoula. With its well rounded four seasons of weather, miles of trails, and world-class restaurants, Missoula is an ideal destination spot. If you enjoy outdoor sports, there are nearly 100's of possibilities to choose from, and the kids will be thrilled to spend the day at Caras Park or the Childrens Museum. Take our quiz to learn more about Montana's hippest city -- Missoula.


If you score a 5 out of 20 - You ain't from around here, is ya?

If you score a 10 out of 20 - You are a tourist. Might want to come visit us more often!

If you score a 15 out of 20 - You know your way around the city, but you still have trouble remembering the street names.

If you score a 20 out of 20 - Congratulations, you are a true Missoulian!

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