5 Perfect Places to Eat Alone in Missoula
When you go out for chow, it doesn't always have to be with somebody, sometimes it's kind of nice to have a few minutes to yourself. Here are a few places to get quality lunch by yourself, without getting looks of pity.
5 Missoula Restaraunts Open On Thanksgiving
Remember the ending of the movie "A Christmas Story" where the family had to settle for duck at an oriental cafe because it was the only place open? I remember a holiday far worse than that! Years ago when my wife and I had all of our family members snowed in at their homes and all…
5 Places to Dine Outside in Missoula
Photo courtesy of ibm4381/Flickr
After being cooped up inside all winter, most Missoulians want to spend every possible moment outside as the weather begins to turn warmer — even at mealtime. Luckily, many Missoula restaurants boast awesome outdoor seating areas to accommodate the summer crowd
5 Missoula Foods You Have to Try
Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist who is just passing through town, deciding where to dine can be a little overwhelming with so many great choices.
5 Places to Order Dessert in Missoula
If you’re dining at one of the following establishments, you might want to consider quitting early on the main course to make sure you save room for a deliciously sweet finish.

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