How ‘Fat’ is Montana, Really?
For the past three years, Mississippi has been the most obese state in the country. Nearly 30 percent of its residents are classified as overweight, according to the most recent report by the Trust For America's Health.
Which is the leanest state? Colorado with only 17.6 of the obesity rate.
Hellgate Classic – Missoula
Spring is officially here and we have been couped-up inside for far to long. It is time to get active, and we have the best way to kick start your spring. The Hellgate Classic is coming to Ogren Park Allegiance Field on Saturday April 26th, featuring some exciting crossfit challenges.
A New Way to Look at Swimsuit Season
“Summer is almost here! Everyone will want to go swimming, but no way am I going out when I’m in this shape. It’s time to get ready for swimsuit season!”
Sound familiar? Every summer it seems to be the same story…
10 Unique Missoula Christmas Gifts
If you’re looking for a gift this year for the true Missoulian, or if you’re just looking to ship a little Missoula to someone for Christmas, then look no further. We have put together a list of gifts that are unique to Missoula and Western Montana...

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