Are You Watering Your Lawn Efficiently?
I do the majority of my runs during the afternoon hours, which — especially of late — means it can be pretty warm outside.
Not surprisingly, the increase in temperature has led to an influx of active sprinklers. This has been great for me — there’s nothing better than running …
Bike Walk Bus Week in Missoula
Sustainable transportation is already pretty popular in Missoula, but the annual Bike Walk Bus Week is designed to entice even more Missoula residents to try using alternative methods of getting around.
The week is packed full of events, seminars, activities and incentives (read: free stuff...
Would You Spend $50 On A Light Bulb?
Light bulbs as we know them might be a thing of the past in the not-so-distant future. Philips has developed (and they're in stores now) a new light bulb that can last up to 30 years!
“Green Guilt” Is On The Rise
According to a new survey, 29 percent of Americans admit to suffering from "green guilt," which is the knowledge that you could and should be doing more to help the environment.