Missoula Nightlife Survey Results (Page 3)
Do you prefer Hip Hop or Electronic Dance Music?
Hip Hop  43%
Both  31%
Electronic Music  26%
Do you prefer Country or Rock?
Both  48%
Rock  39%
County  13%
Where is your favorite place in Missoula to dance? (Top 5 Responses)
Missoula Nightlife Survey Results (Page 4)
When it comes to live bands, do you prefer original music or covers?
Original  68%
Covers  32%
Who's your favorite bar/club DJ? (Top 5 responses)
1. Aaron "Tallest DJ" Traylor
2. Kris Moon
3. Dead Hipster
Missoula Nightlife Survey Results (Page 5)
Will you attend an event if it allows 18 year olds?
Yes  67%
No  33%
What size of crowd do you prefer?
Medium  65%
Large  24%
Small  11%
What is one major complaint that you have about the Missoula nightlife scene...
Missoula Nightlife Survey Results (Page 6)
What's one thing that Missoula needs for it's nightlife entertainment scene?
(Most relevant responses)
"Bigger dance floors"
"The Missoula community needs to embrace an actual club, with a dress code, or at least no sneakers. this would allow people who wanted that scene to have it, an…
The Nappy Roots Concert At The Top Hat
The Nappy Roots killed it at The Top Hat. I can't recall how long locals have been begging for this group to come and perform for us. Man, did they come through. They played all their well known songs ("Po Folk", "Good Day", etc.) and covered a few classics f…

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