I admit it, I’m kind of a TV buff. I have certain shows that I watch religiously and some of my favorite shows are not on network TV. Cable shows have a different schedule then network shows do, and therefore some of my favorite shows are on in the summer when, admittedly, you are supposed to turn the TV off and spend those long Montana days outside. But, I can’t help it, I’m addicted to these shows and can’t wait for them to start!

The Closer – This is the final season. I have watched this show since the first episode and am sad to see it coming to an end. A 40 something year old female police chief manages to close some of the trickiest cases for the major crimes unit of the LAPD. She always gets the bad guy to confess and serves the criminal her own brand of justice. There is some gore, not too bad, and with a smidge of humor.

Psych – This show is hilarious and clever. I love to watch it with my boys. It’s about a guy and his best friend who have a psychic detective agency. They help the Santa Barbara Police Department solve crimes. There is very little cussing, and even if they are solving a murder there is little to no guts and gore. A refreshing change from all the gore filled CSIs. My boys like it because they manage to blend a mystery with humor.

Rizzoli and Isles – It is kind of a chick flick. The two main characters are women: one a straight laced genius medical examiner, and the other a true Boston Roman-Catholic police detective. These opposites make for a lot of friction and the best of friends. This show can have a little gore, but usually not too bad and it is a pretty funny show too.

White Collar – First things first. The main character is an extremely hot man. The plots for the shows are good too. The main character is an ex-con who is working with the FBI to help them solve white-collar crimes. The senior FBI agent who is responsible for keeping him under control is turning out to be his best friend. You never really know if he is reformed, or if he is just going to take off one day and never return, retiring to some tropical island with his best friend and stolen loot.

If you have been waiting for new shows to start like me, then the wait is almost over, hold on a little longer. You can do it.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.