While much of Missoula was on high alert (.ie completely flipping out) over the strange sounds we uploaded last Saturday, some people, including myself, decided to remain level headed and attempt to find a rational explanation.

We received a tip from a teacher who's classroom is conveniently near the playground where the sounds were originally recorded. Amy McCollum said in her recent Facebook comment

"Aaron, A friend of mine posted your video on facebook the other day and it got my attention. When you shot the video you were standing right outside of my classroom at the school I teach at. I have to admit, when I first saw the video, I was skeptical and passed it off as one of those viral videos found all over the internet. However, today as I was leaving school, I heard the same sounds! At first it kind of freaked me out, but then I realized what it was. Our school has large metal pipes, in several places, coming out of the roof for heating. The sounds were coming from those pipes as the wind blew across them. It sounded exactly like your video! I judged from your comments above that you were hesitant about posting your video, and were afraid of the public's reactions/criticism. I just wanted to let you (and everyone else) know that in fact, the sounds were real. However, they're nothing scary! :) Take care!"

Late last night I returned to the scene of the mysterious sounds in hopes of recording anything credible from these "large metal pipes".  Once you hear this audio go back and compare this sound with the original recording. You'll hear nearly the exact same mechanical noises along with the same length duration.Here is what I was able to capture:


So there you go, not aliens, not mother nature, not the Second Coming. Instead, something a little more..boring. However, while Missoula's mysterious sound has now been officially debunked thanks to an insightful elementary education teacher, this still does not explain what the heck is going on in other parts of the world as numerous reports continue to pour in about the strange sounds in their neighborhood. Could this solution to our problem be of any help to the other mysteries heard globally?