Montana is a beautiful state, not many states can compare to her. However, when it comes to laws Montana may not quite be on the cutting edge. It seems that our cities in particular might have a little difficulty making sound judgements when it comes to city laws. Some of these laws may have been relevant at one time, but others I’m not sure were ever, or will ever, be relevant.   

In Whitehall, it is illegal to drive any vehicle that has spikes attached to the wheels.

In Helena, playing folf is illegal to do at night.

In Helena, you may never throw any item across a street.

In Kalispell, pool tables must be able to be seen from the street through a window in the billiard hall.

In Excelsior Springs, hard objects cannot be thrown by hand.

In Excelsior Springs, balls cannot be thrown in the city limits.

In Excelsior Springs, worrying squirrels is also not tolerated.

In Billings, you may not own a pet rat.

In Billings, pea shooters are at risk of confiscation by the police.

In Billings, it is also illegal to bring a rocket or bomb to a city council meeting.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.