Unfortunately cancer has touched most peoples lives one way or another. For Lindzy Neilson who was diagnosed with breast cancer back in July of 2014, this is all too real. Her family and her need some help.

After Lindzy was diagnosed with breast cancer, thought she was rid of it and then it came back where she underwent a double mastectomy in Nov of 2015. She has had some complications with her skin after the surgery. She had to have a skin graft done on the 28th of January, Medical costs just keep coming in, and of course the missing of work is taking a toll on them also.

This Saturday they will be doing live and silent auctions and they are having a chili cook off too.Cash prizes for the ones who make the most selling bowls of chili and for the one who awarded best tasting by a special panel of judges!

Feb 20th 3 PM at Bennys Frenchtown Club in Frenchtown, they will be having a fun celebration in hopes to raise some money for Lindzy and her family. I have seen some pretty cool auction items they have plus a gun raffle, 50/50 and more.

Local music at 8 with a Missoula favorite 406 !

These are two kind people who were just recently married with a family. I know there are a lot of good people out there who would like to help.

Again this Saturday at Bennys in Frenchtown at 3 PM and live music at 8 PM.