Attention: last-minute Spring breakers! If you're planning a trip for the long weekend ahead, you don’t need to waste a bunch of time frantically combing through online travel sites for deals. Instead, download one of the two new smartphone apps will do all the work for you in seconds.

  • Hotel Tonight: the app is free and finds discounts for same-day hotel bookings. You type in the city where you want to stay and it’ll instantly generate a list of steeply-discounted hotel rooms for the night. Here's what makes this app better than the rest: if you've ever booked a discount room, you know that most travel sites that offer same-day hotel booking don’t reveal the name of the hotel or its location until you book it. Hotel Tonight actually shows you the name and the specific location of the hotel you're about to book. Now,  you can make a better-informed decision before you click “buy.”
  • Room 77: it’s also free and will create a list of available hotel rooms in your city of choice. It also has a feature which lets you narrow your search for certain amenities like if you want free Wi-Fi, free parking, free hotel shuttles, etc.

Check out these apps in the iTunes store or Google Play before you book your next trip.