It's not every day you can get a giant group of adults together for an epic volleyball tournament! But when you add alcohol and a good cause to the mix, anything is possible.

This past weekend, my brother Sean got a group of friends (including me) together to partake in the epic volleyball tournament that is the Spokane Sizzler. With a team name like 'Bumpin Uglies' it was hard to resist!

80 teams showed up at the Spokane Convention Center to compete in the Sizzler and it was a weekend that I won't soon forget.

Tournament entry fee went to support Spike2Care whose mission is to serve the volleyball community through fundraising efforts that promote the sport. In the first two years of its inception, Spike2Care has been able to give over $71,000 to people connected to the volleyball community who are in need.

Competition was tough this weekend, but we had a ton of fun playing around, drinking mimosas in the middle of the arena and hitting up the social on Saturday night. I think we might have to partner up with the Montana Volleyball Academy and host a Missoula Sizzler this summer with a whole bunch of brewery sponsors! What do you think?!

Can you dig it?!

(Bumpin Uglies team members BELOW)

Nicole Wren TSM
Nicole Wren TSM