As promised, I told the Tallest DJ I would blog about my post-wisdom teeth, anesthesia induced video that my mom so willingly videotaped, if there weren't any curse words of course. Lucky for all of Missoula, I didn't cuss like a sailor and came to the conclusion that Batman is my one true soul mate.

This wasn't my first time getting "put under," as I've had surgery before. My mom informed me that I let my surgeon know he was extremely attractive (despite the fact that he was easily over 50 years old) and that he needed to get rid of all the dogs that were running around the hospital. It's amazing the things you see when you're drugged up.

Anyways, this surgery was no exception. Feast your eyes upon the biggest Batman fan in Missoula. Who woulda thought?

Think you're a bigger Batman fan than I am? Prove it.