Stephanie Light is a “no tools” psychic. She often times sees, hears, smells, and feels spirits, entities, and other forms of metaphysical manifestation. Her gift lies in a form of psychic guidance; the immediate nature of her gift is to pick up on the here and now.

Although she does have the gift of foresight and seeing the past, she prefers to focus on the immediate world in which we live and help her clients into the near future. Ms. Light is direct and forthcoming, but compassionate and understanding.

As a medium she honors the words of your guides and will speak the truth without holding back. Miss Light has been hired for an array of projects throughout her life. Detectives, Relators and historical societies have often hired her for her talents to locate ghosts, information, and even locate missing persons, wanted fugitives and bodies.

Family law attorneys have used her skills to assess a variety of situations, from will planning to custody issues. She currently works out of her private office in Hamilton Montana, but is also does phone consultations. Click here to buy her book, The Witch's Wisk, from Amazon. Stephanie suggests purchasing the paperback version because the Kindle version doesn't allow for some of the workbook exercises.

Stephanie will take your calls between 4pm- 6pm (MT)at 406-549-1075, as well as responding to your text messages at 406-233-9661

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