The odds of hitting the $550 million jackpot in Tuesday night's drawing are about 259 million to one. And before you even think "So, you're saying there's a chance." forget ain't gonna win.

Here's a quick experiment: pick up the phone and dial "1". Now, dial 10 more numbers. If President Obama answers the phone...congratulations! You just accomplished a feat with similar odds. What? It wasn't him? Well, give me another dollarand you can try again!

Here are some other things that are more likely to happen than you winning the Mega Million:

-Grab a 4 number combination lock (like from a bike lock). The odds of you guessing the correct 4 digit combination on the first try are 2500 times more likely than hitting the Mega Millions (10,000 to 1)

-Odds of being bit by a poisonous snake: 1 in 36 million

-Odds of dying from a mountain lion attack in California: 1 in 32 million

-Odds of death by lightning strike: 1 in 2,500,000

-Odds of you being elected president: 1 in 10 million

-Odds of dying from parts falling off an airplane: 1 in 10 million

-Odds that you'll be struck and killed by a meteor in the next year: 1 in 75 million (By the way, there's no recorded incident of a human being killed by a meteor strike)

-Odds that the Pope will make you a saint: 1 in 20 million

-Odds that you make 2 consecutive holes in one: 1 in 67 million

However, two things have the same statistical probability as you winning the Mega Millions:
-being eaten by a shark
-being struck in the head and killed by a falling coconut

Both of these are about 250 million to 1 odds

But, you can't win if you don't play...which I think is bullcrap, to be quite honest!)
(Ask The Odds)