It’s September and while it doesn’t feel like fall yet, the season is coming. Fall is a great time in Montana though. 

Here are some things that are better and that I love about Montana in the fall …

  • Pumpkin patches and corn mazes! So much and great family fun for Halloween
  • Montana coffee. Fall means fall flavors. Pumpkin spice and Gingerbread  everything will be here soon! Yum
  • As it gets colder we watch more TV. Fall means new shows … AND your favorite shows coming back. So more cozy, cuddle time watching the leaves change.
  • Your hair. Humidity and hair are definitely not friends.
  • The weather. Yes, nothing beats summer weather but after the heat/smoke of this summer, some cool, crisp Montana air will be a nice change. Plus the fall colors are amazing and worth it. 
  • Montana Football ! From the Grizzlies to the Saints, we love Montana football. Regular football is good too. 
Charene Herrera TSM