Sleep City in Missoula has recently announced that since they began their Sleep4All Program has helped donate 500 mattresses to people in need in our community.

“I’d like to thank all of the communities that have helped this program to succeed, it is their donations that have helped hundreds of people get a good night’s sleep,” said vice president Mark Wells.

Sleep City’s sleep4all program provides beds to those in need. This includes a mattress recycling program, mattress donation drop off points at Sleep City locations, donations of brand new beds to organizations in need and an online resource center to connect those who need mattresses with those who want to help.

“The unfortunate truth is that many people simply don’t have the option of sleeping on a mattress. We want to ensure that we do all we can to provide a good night’s sleep to those that are denied this comfort,” says owner Jennifer Heggen.

For more information about Sleep City or the Sleep4all Mattress Donation program. Please call 877-246-7533 or visit the website at