Everyone has Simpsons and Family Guy fever. But did you know that both franchises have made Montana State the butt of some laugh-out loud jokes?

The crossover of both Fox comedies garnered much attention this week at ComicCon 2014 and has everyone eagerly looking forward to its September 21st debut. While we wait, let's reflect on some of our favorite moments from both The Simpsons and Family Guy. More specifically, the times Homer and Peter's family and friends joked about places so close to home.  

If you live in Montana, you'll enjoy these clips from both the beloved television shows!



In The Simpson episode "Kill the Alligator and Run", Homer sends Ned Flanders to Montana to meet Jesus.

According to Wikisimpsons:

After getting run out of Florida, the Simpson family was trying to decide on where to go for their next vacation. They were looking at a map of the US that had most of the states crossed out, which were apparently all the states that the Simpsons were no longer allowed to enter.

Homer threw a big party to honor Marge, but because he didn't want Ned Flanders to come, he sent Ned a prank letter, claiming to be from Jesus Christ, telling Ned to meet him in Montana. Ned believed the letter completely, and he and Rod and Todd took a train to Montana.



In The Family Guy spinoff, The Cleveland Show episode titled "Skip Day" skewers Butte, Montana in a hilarious "Meet the Fockers" parody.

According to Cleveland Show Wiki:

Butte Fockers is a fictional film starring Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller on a trip to Montana as a parody of the Meet the Fockers film franchise about a male nurse and his dealings with his fiancée's parents.

In "Skip Day", Cleveland Brown tries to tell Cleveland Brown Jr. that he needs to learn to stand up to authority or he'll end up lamer than Ben Stiller's career with Butte Fockers following as a cutaway gag.


And let's not forget this classic snapshot from the opening montage of the Simpsons...

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