HAAAHHAAHHAHA!! Oh my gosh, she actually did it! Kind of..

When I issued a formal challenge last night to see if Jill Valley (the best newscaster in the WORLD) would "meow" live on her KPAX news program, I knew I'd be asking a lot. It's not everyday a professional newscaster would break their routine per the request of a silly radio DJ. But with a little egging on from our mutual audience, and a tempting donation of $250.00 towards our favorite local AniMeals No-Kill Pet Shelter, Jill pulled it off. In a round about way.

See for yourself how Jill Valley helped a local charity with a little harmless cross-promotional fun..

I'm guessing the reason why she couldn't do it herself was because bribing a news anchor to get something on the news was technically against code of conduct, and that I can totally respect. But when she came up with a plan B, to be honest I preferred this version all the more.

Looks like I'll be pulling out my wallet! Animeals, you deserve every penny. And Jill, thank you for being such a good sport. You never cease to amaze and you have a heart of gold. Don't worry, we won't ever do this again..to you. Look out Mark Holyoak. (Kidding!)