A sexual assault was reported to the University of Montana Office of Public Safety over the weekend, that allegedly occurred in a residence hall.

University of Montana Legal Counsel Lucy France said on Tuesday, December 10 that the Office of Public Safety responded to the alleged assault.

"An officer responded, and then the case was turned over to the Missoula Police Department," France said. "Our protocol is that the public safety officer would provide the alleged victim with resources and information about the campus process, should that individual should want to report the incident as a campus conduct issue."

France explained why this incident did not result in a timely warning to the campus at large.

"We only issue timely warnings when we believe that the crime as reported constitutes a serious and ongoing threat to the campus community," France said. "The criteria for a timely warning were not met in this case."

The Missoula Police Department is currently investigating the incident. The issue of sexual assaults on the University of Montana campus is what brought the U.S. Department of Justice to Missoula, resulting in a nearly two-year investigation, and eventually an agreement between the Justice Department and the university.

UM Legal Counsel Lucy France