No matter what downtown bar you frequent in Missoula, you are bound to stumble upon a patron sipping out of a can of PBR, better known to most as Pabst Blue Ribbon. And why is that? Sure, it's cheap. But we've seen cheaper, so it's not the cost that is causing people to choose this drink over the others. It's a very sub-par beer, but many Missoula locals regard it as their signature cultural brew. How does this happen?

Standing outside the Bandlander on a Friday night, we asked locals to spill the beans on why this has become the drink of choice in our town.

"See the thing is...this beer has never really gone out of its way to sell itself. No flashy billboards, no pop-the-top and instantly bikini clad models pop out of nowhere. It's American, it's underwhelming for a reason, and it doesn't need to prove itself." - Mark Rhythman


"It's cheaper, it's more for the blue-collar bunch. And frankly, its what my co-workers drink. So, I guess peer pressure is what did it for me? I'm weak. What can I say?"

-Chrystal Lyman


"It's just my $2 drink of choice. Why? You holding?" - Frank "Smoker" Allard


"Ever see Blue Velvet? That movie really is what caused it to blow up in popularity. I personally don't drink the swill, but most would admit that it was that film that caused it to rise in popularity" - Chelsea Lawrence


"Here's what's up. It's cheaper than all the big name beers. It doesn't have to scream from the mountain top 'try ME, try ME!' It just works. No need for flashy packaging. Just take a sip, savor the moment." - Anonymnous


Do you agree with any of the statements above? If you've never tried PBR, will this convince you to try it? Are you drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon for various other reasons? Let us know in the comments below.

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