I’m pretty sure Black Friday is the most terrifying day of the year. More recently, they made the biggest shopping day of the year even more treacherous by opening their doors the evening of Thanksgiving! The best way to make your day of shopping even more successful is to be fully prepared. If you can stand getting the back of your heels run down by shopping carts, you can find some killer deals. You’ll do even better if you follow some of these Black Friday tips.


Before Black Friday


  • Make a list of everyone that you need to shop for and try to decide what you are buying for them before you hit the stores. You can even go one step further and decide on a price limit too (this will save you a lot of money.)
  • Know the stores’ return and exchange policies. They can vary greatly from store to store and it’s nice to know ahead of time what to expect if you need to return the item. You might be more hesitant to purchase a high ticket item, if you know you won’t get your money back if need be.


On Black Friday


  • Save yourself guesswork and buy gift cards. Even if the recipient chooses the same gift as you would have picked, it gives them the choice to choose the color, size, etc. I love when I get gift cards.
  • Here’s an easy one-wear comfortable shoes!



Shopping on Black Friday can be fun but it can also be very stressful. Following these simple rules and tips can keep you from pulling your hair out. Happy Shopping!