A school shooting in Centennial, Colorado has ended with one student critically injured, and the suspect dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

In Missoula, city police and school officials have been meeting together since the Sandy Hook school shootings, training and preparing to respond to any such situation.

Detective Sergeant Ed McLean said on Friday that all police personnel have been trained to respond immediately in case of an active shooter incident.

"In an active shooter situation, not just tactical teams, but all members of the police department are trained to respond to and deal with any threats," McClean said. "They won't be waiting for a tactical team to set up and go in. Each officer is expected to react to that immediately to minimize the risk to others and potential loss of life."

Detective Sergeant Ed McLean

Over the past year, Missoula School District One has empaneled three different committees to look into the issue of school safety. There have been active shooter training scenarios, as well as hours of discussions on how to make schools safer for students and teachers. Those recommendations are being considered by the Missoula District One school board.