One of my new year's resolutions is to save money in 2014 and use that money to see the world.

I’m heading off on a tropical vacation. Normally, I would go get my nails done. But, I’d rather spend the $60 on a new outfit or fun activity while I’m vacationing along the beaches of Wikiki.

I spent $30 on this at home foot spa, bought a pumice stone and some sea salt scrub. After soaking for a bit, I started my at home pedicure. No mani/pedi is complete until you add a little flare. Whether it’s an ombre look, a funky French tip or some flowers, I think a little extra goes a long way and makes it seem like you spent big bucks at the salon.

I Googled how to make your own flowers on top of your manicure and came across this easy video:

Here’s what you need: Three different colors (your main color, the petal color and the color for the center of your flower.)

You also need a tooth pick, a bobby pin, and a tiny paint brush (in case you make any mistakes.) I dip the brush in acetone to clean up my skin around the nails, or if I smudged my paint before it dried all the way.

I practiced a few times on some paper before I did it on my nails. It took me about five minutes. Give the five dots a minute or two to dry before you use the toothpick to create the flowers.

Tiffany Madison

Tadaaaa! There you are… have fun with it and enjoy all that extra money in your pocket! Send me your creations! I’d love to see your color combos and unique flowers!