New Year's Eve is right around the corner which means we are all getting ready to party our faces off and ring in 2017!

Many of us will indulge in one of America's favorite pastimes, which is getting super hammered and making bad decisions.

But this year, our bad decision shouldn't be getting behind the wheel of a vehicle when you've had too much to drink.

It's 2016, there are so many options and ways for you to find a safe ride home. If you're old enough to drink then you should be mature enough to plan ahead. Don't put your life and the lives of others at risk because you're too stupid to find a safe ride home.


Here are some awesome options!


  1. AAA's Operation Tipsy Tow
    1. Get a FREE ride home and a FREE tow up to 10 miles! Call 1-800-222-4357
    2. Both members and non-members are eligible to call AAA for the FREE ride.
  2. Uber
    1. Uber is one of the best creations ever!
    2. Download the Uber app onto your smart phone, plau in your credit card information beforehand and then just order your afforadable Uber ride when you're ready to make the trek home!
    3. It's SOOOOO easy!
  3. Sober Buddy
    1. Ask around and see which one of your friends or family members is not indulging in an excessive amount of alcoholic beverages.
    2. When you find said person, offer them a gift card or a free lunch date as a way to say thank you for the free and safe ride!
  4. Taxi
    1. Wait there are still taxis in Missoula?!
    2. The answer is YES!
    3. Missoula Green Taxi - (406)728-8294
    4. Yellow Cab Inc of Missoula - (406)543-6644