Where do the "broke ex hipsters," "rich white guys playing the blues," and "j**offs with truck nuts" hang their hat? The answer? According to Judgemental Maps, is Missoula, Montana.

Judgemental Maps

A map overlooking the city streets of Missoula is overlayed with truly astounding stereotypes of our town. If their intent was to insult us, well, kudos, mission completed....

Oh wait, there's more. Missoula is also known as the place of:

  • Meat Nazis
  • Ammosexuals (???)
  • Pretend Artists
  • Bros Rapping
  • Mormons with Milk in Styrofoam Cups

Wow. Seriously. And believe me, those are some of the LESS offensive judgements this map portrays us as. You got to see the rest here. But don't say we did not warn you.

But let's not feel too singled out here...many cities throughout our nation have been the subject of maps on this website. We just hope you don't this stuff to heart. But man, this stings a bit. Right?