The National Weather Service reported flooding in Lemhi County, Idaho over the last few days, specifically in the town of Salmon.

Meteorologist Ryan Leach said the record high temperatures in eastern Idaho and west central Montana have led to the high waters.

"In Lemhi County in the town of Salmon, Idaho, they had quite a lot of water come down yesterday flowing across a couple of the streets in the downtown area," Leach said. "In fact, they had to close the airport for a while because there was water running across the runway. What happened down there was they had a few inches of snow on the ground and then they had overnight lows in the 40's, and it all melted at once."

Leach said some of the small streams around Missoula are near bank full.

"They started out really low, obviously being the winter time and there wasn't a lot of water in there," he said. "So, they were able to take most of the melting snow and not overflow."

Leach said despite the spring-like conditions, winter is still a long way from being over. He recalled the major snowstorm that resulted in a fatal urban avalanche last February and March.

"That's just one example of the wide range of weather you can get in February," Leach said. "December and January are our coldest months, but as of now, we just happen to be having a warm year."