Yesterday I had the privledge of hosting the preliminary at Hellgate High School and the ladies and three gentlemen that performed at Hellgate's preliminary are so talented. It has been five years now that I been lucky enough to be apart of First Night Spotlight the musical showcase of high school talent around Western Montana. And yet again, the talent this year is at an all time high. It was refreshing at this audition to see some guys perform because at our first audition we had zero. Here is a list of all performers from Hellgate:

-Michael Boris

-Hunter Olson

-Tristan Redearth

-Arianna Brown

-Leah Sky (Behunin)

-Thea Keene

-Makenna Alick

-Darla Sweeney

-Grace Slayden

With the amount of talent shown at this preliminary there is no doubt in my mind the talent level on New Years Eve at the Dennison Theatre will be off the charts. On Saturday I get to travel to the University of Montana for the final auditions with judges Christy Lefler, Matt Doucette, and Bob Wire! A huge thank you to Marlene Hendrickson and the team at UM Productions for helping make this year the best yet.


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