It has been five years now that I have had the privilege of being apart of First Night Spotlight the musical showcase of high school talent around Western Montana. And yet again, the talent this year is at an all time high. Saturday I got to host the final preliminary at the University of Montana for all schools around Missoula. Unfortunately, the snow covered roads created a slippery ride in but once everyone arrived . The incredibly talented performers on Saturday were:

-Gabriela Flores

-Bobby Eckert

-Emma O'Connor

-Josh Cook

-Maggie Neaves

-Ashley O'Bannan

-Kenzie Richards

-Caytie Tipps

-Riley Nielsen

With the amount of talent shown at this final preliminary there is no doubt in my mind the talent level on New Years Eve at the Dennison Theatre will be off the charts. The judges for this years big competition at the Dennison Theatre are Christy Lefler, Matt Doucette, and Bob Wire! A huge thank you to Marlene Hendrickson and the team at UM Productions for helping make this year the best yet. we hope to see you on New Years Eve at First Night Spotlight!


    Look at the beautifully snow covered Lolo, MT!